Deploying to Github

Gloria is compatible with the new github pages out of the box. Is the easiest way to deploy your site for free! with support for custom domains and

Find more information about Github Pages



Build the project to a folder named docs.

gloria build docs


Do git add, commit and push to send your data to github.

Push your project to github, you can use any branch, but master is usually the best one to use.

Select the pages source

In the repo settings, there's an option called github pages. The source appears as none by default. If you pushed a docs folder there should be an option that allows you to choose branch master and docs folder.

Github will serve the files from that folder, the same way that gloria serve works.




Share the URL with everyone!

Additional Steps


CloudFlare and github pages work very well for free SSL, configure your domain to use the cloudflare DNS and activate the SSL. You can get more details in their website.

Custom domain

Using a custom domain with github pages is super easy!

Change your DNS settings to the following, depending on whether you're using a naked domain or www.

For Apex or naked domain, create two A records pointing to:

To use a subdomain, like www, create a CNAME record pointing to:

Find more info in their website.